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Here are a couple of clips from our French tour with thanks to Richard Masson.

Players needed

Second Wind Concert Band has been established now for 21 years, and we get together every Friday to rehearse, socialise and generally enjoy our music. The band is looking hard for new players, especially of brass instruments and in particular trumpets. Although we do currently have a full trombone section, the lack of trumpet, euphonium and horn players is a serious deficiency, especially when these instruments are often irreplaceable as solo or lead parts. Ideally we would wish to have at least three trumpets, a euphonium, two french horns, four trombones and a tuba. And we would always welcome additional players as gaps for absences always need filling.

The band possesses a set of timpani and additional percussion. These instruments greatly enhance our overall sound but we have been unable to make full use of them owing to the lack of regular percussionists, both on drums and timpani.

Our other sections, flutes, clarinets and saxophones have enough regular players but we will always welcome enquiries from any wind musician or percussionist looking for a band to play in.

So if you are a visitor to this website and want to play or know someone who does, do please get in touch with one of our contacts or come and try us out at one of our rehearsals at Underriver Village Hall near Sevenoaks, TN15 0SB at 7.15pm on a Friday evening. We guarantee you a warm welcome.