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Second Wind was formed in 1998 by a group of like minded players from the area around the town of Sevenoaks in Kent. Although many members now come from further afield, Second Wind has always regarded itself as a Sevenoaks band, and is a longstanding supporter of, and performer at, the town's Summer Festival.

Rehearsals began on Friday evenings in a nearby village hall and have continued on the same day moving to various locations around Sevenoaks over the years.

Some of the original members are still playing with the band, but fresh talent has always been welcome and the band is a very sociable as well as musical group.


As a traditional concert band Second Wind is made up of playing members who fund it with an annual subscription.   Its musical development is in the hands of its Conductor and Director of Music Martin Forward.

The band has a volunteer committee drawn from the membership and elected annually at the AGM.  Funding is augmented from performance donations. The overall activities and finances of the band are handled by the committee.

The band has a nucleus of accomplished musicians but has always welcomed new players from all levels of ability.  It seeks to encourage members to develop their musicianship and enjoy the excitement and fun of belonging to a band and performing publicly.

Rehearsals are held every Friday evening from 7.15pm until 9.15pm in the Village Hall, Underriver, near Sevenaoks TN15 0SB.